Change your thinking, Change your life!

Welcome to “Spirit Coaching and Mind Science”. Mind Science is the study of consciousness itself and I am here to facilitate that into your life for the Good it brings. You are so much more than you think you are.

  • What are you searching for?

  • What’s not right about your life?


Is there a faster way to bust through resistance and change unconscious behavior? Why is it so hard to change?

Why is spiritual awakening so painful?

“Suffering is internal resistance to pain. Suffering can linger long after the original 'pain experience' has passed. ... So to answer your question, the spiritual awakening process can feel super painful because we often unconsciously resist change.” 


I’m here to serve you in stepping into your own strength and power. This comes through you as I use five steps to connect and discover feeling happiness, fun, clarity, etc., and awareness that blooms into your greatest good which has no struggle connected to it. There are four cornerstones of life, we address what’s most prevalent for you at the time of your visit. 

  • ABUNDANCE – Re-learn that Infinite Intelligence implies NO LACK. Experience the feelings of freedom, growth, joy, and inspiration, of having expansion be a continual observation that and in Reality there is only Abundance and not its opposite. Increase your mental equivalence. 

  • RELATIONSHIP – Fall in love with yourself, your own inner being, your self-love. Are you valuable to the Whole? Unity. It starts with self. You are magnificent! Believe in you first. Then be open to new relationships. Be courageous. Feel your emotions, learn how to effortlessly witness and them, then feel them dissipate.

  • HEALTH – Take responsibility for your health. Believe you are whole. Decide what it is you want and discover and eliminate what’s covering it up. Learn and let go of what isn't serving you. Experience ‘peace of mind’, or vitality. You are always at choice. 

  • CREATIVE EXPRESSION – Inspiration, the artistic nature of creation. Plant seeds in the fabric of life by Imagineering your life. Learn how to adopt the practice of giving 2-5 seconds of your life a few times throughout the day and surrender everything. Feel the energy of freedom, growth, and joy as you take responsibility and let Life bring you your desires with more ease. Plant new seeds daily.


I am a certified Practitioner for The Science of Mind and Spirit, and with other coaching tools that have helped me along the way of life, we resolve duality together to find a more balanced life. 


“A Practitioner is a person who is trained in the art, science, and skill of Spiritual Mind Treatment. One who works in their own consciousness to reveal the Truth.”

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  • Help you get in touch with the inner you. Remember you are always at choice.

  • Connect with a deeper meaning of the world and of life in general.

  • Find a balance so that you and those around you can benefit and thrive just by doing the things that you love every day.

  • Use Spiritual Mind Treatments that shift you to a new state of consciousness.

  • You will be able to clear your mind and finally understand what you need to become happy, whole, and spiritually in-tune.

  • Reveal your authentic self and assist you in creating a spiritual practice for you.