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Why do you Choose Fear?

The Inner Life. Fear isn’t self-preservation. It is the denial of Loves Presence and capability to move mountains for you. This is because you have free will to think for yourself, you can choose, even when it seems so perilous you have a choice of how you think every second of every day you live.

Fear is so prevalent in the collective human field of consciousness, and has been for ages, you don’t even know it’s there all the time and you are a party to it. In some ways you idolize it. Think about it, for me I have fear as I write this for losing my mother and also for losing a great friend. This is fearful for me on many levels and it is fearful for the collective or race mind as Earnest Holmes calls it, big time especially now.

Fear doesn’t even like itself, it blames you and everything else for its own existence. Paraphrasing Einstein, you can’t solve a problem from the problem. You have to rise to a new thought. So, you ask, how do I get fear to disappear?

Fear is referenced 37 times in the Science of Mind text. And fearlessness is mentioned twice. Also, Earnest Holmes speaks of Race Suggestion, (human race). Do you have faith in fear? Ask yourself and feel your own response. That feeling is your Divine Self showing you your response, trapped in you, and once noticed you can make that other choice. Ask and it is given.

Who and what do you trust when you cannot trust what you have known all your life? How can you go beyond what is known? Even google god can’t go beyond what it knows. Why do I defend my limitations born from this ideology called fear? Take time to release these falsehoods inside and a new world is born for you, by you, in you, and all around you. It is this One Mind that lifts the personality to a new view.

“The Great Spiritual geniuses, whether it was Moses, Buddha, Plato, Socrates, Jesus, or Emerson…have taught humans to look within themselves to find God.” ~Earnest Holmes

I am all am being, I invite you to take a leap with me. Know who and what you are. Free yourself, I am the light, I am the Life, I have come. Behold, I make all things new again. ~ Stephanie Starrett

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