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The Creative Hotspot is You

“The belief in the dual mind has destroyed practically all philosophies and religions of the ages, and will continue to do so until the world comes to see that there is but ONE”.

~ Ernest Holmes

This 'One' produces everything by law and continues to do so with every belief we have. New Thought leaders have all spoken of it. Their words are timeless, they are Now words. Does the Science of Mind and Spirit spark an interest in you today, almost 100 years after it was written? I know it sparked a knowing of truth in me. It isn’t “the only truth”, The Science of Mind and Spirit welcomes all truths. As we become more mentally equivalent to the 'One', we discover who and what we have always been and will ever be, and the powerhouse of creativity awaits us.

There is only One Mind, One Life taking place Now! You are all centers in this Mind, centers of Creative thought activity, centers of Health, of Abundance, of Peace, of Unity of Truth. The number 2 in numerology is activity, we are in the year 2022. Things are breaking down in the old world, they are unsustainable. You are a CCM, a Creative Center of Mind. Are you ready and willing to ride that Stallion?

I had an imaginative experience of an outstanding Black Stallion glistening in sun, snorting air through its nostrils ready to be mounted by me. It’s purpose to fly me through the veils of forgetfulness and unconscious beliefs. It’s energy level so high and ready for the adventure we were about to take. I looked at the poor horse I had been riding, weak and exhausted with the journeys of I’m not good enough, rich enough, smart enough. I dismounted and took him to the vast grass fields of life, and to wonderful drinking ponds of clear sparkling water. I become aware of the cause in my mind, I stop and feel it. And in the light of that awareness, it is lifted and I am grateful. Finally, it is free and grateful as well. The release is sweet, quick, caring and done.

I then turned to my new life with this Black beauty, flung myself up in the saddle. He is my courage to stand in the world that wants to tell me what to do and as he rears up on his hind legs, I shout out, NO. There is only ONE and I am one with it.

I now have a corral of beauties to choose from, in my Universal stables. Do you have stables in your Spirit work? What do your Stallions and Fillies look like? How do you care for them, what are they like for you? For instance, I have this gorgeous red long haired feisty one I ride barebacked when I feel wild, free and sexy inside. I am re-awakened to possibilities.

I have a champagne filly, sleek and easy to ride. I’m calm and alive, riding down Time Square, arms flung wide open as people are staring in disbelief, some pointing in judgment, some laughing as they feel a surge within themselves, and me not caring. I’m just being in the groove of that awesome flow. I am not even the sensation that I feel, I’m just in love with the experience of creation Itself.

Do you want to go on that ride my friend? Deep down we all want to. Let Spirit take you; I have. Let go of the past, let’s ride the wave of life, unapologetically.


When I ride my stallions, truth always wins, the light is always with me, I am safe with my adventures in Life and Spirit.

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