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Hacking into my Old Story and Creating a New One

Imagination is key, if you live from it.

Precision Revision…re-visioning and living from it NOW! I remember when I was lavishly rich, abundantly wealthy in health, wealth and wisdom. I remember when I embodied my vision of rich, rich and even richer living on so many levels, let me count, count, count the ways I am rich………….FREEDOM Yes!!, HEALTH, Of Course!!, WISDOM, You Bet!!, all of these are showing up now because they are in my head. I think from them, not of them. Jesus said, I am in the world, not of it. I didn’t know quite what it meant. I mean the dynamics of that statement.

How it’s done, and in whose image am I made anyway. I come from God, Brahma, Source, Creator, whatever we call it, It's right here NOW!

I am hacking through old beliefs lickidy split. They are falling to the wayside like dead flies as I hold to the Reality of my New Re-vision of life. I am free and no amount of past useless remembrances can hold a candle to the bonfire of feeling free and healthy and rich has; my mind and heart in action. It’s fully embedded in my internal software that my beautiful brain is aligned to. My trajectory has changed to better serve the world I live in.

God has been trying to tell me this for the past two and a half years by setting me up in an atmosphere so beautifully undeniable but it has taken me this long to equate the message, from thinking of something to thinking from it. I am so grateful for this awareness this morning as I gaze once more at the gorgeously lavish carpet of greenery that stretches out before me for a mile to the wondrous ocean I am surrounded by. It’s totally unencumbered by structure of any kind. Meaning nothing is in the way of my GOOD. I am blessed and I give blessings out to everyone who reads this.

Being a student practitioner of Earnest Holmes has helped in many ways. He said you have the faith of God in you, not the faith in God. God doesn’t need my faith. I need to recognize God is already ensconced indelibly in my consciousness. And then act from that place.

This morning I thought of another great teacher of life, Neville Goddard as the words, “Revision Precision” popped in my head. On this cusp of this summer solstice in full swing, its leading us to create a NEW STORY, I wondered how I want my life to unfold from this point. I know I have to give up appearances of the one I am in, for that sweet friend is the out picturing of the past. And don’t we really have many past lifetimes in the one we are living now? So that’s my assignment.

What about you, do you want something new, some new way of being in your world? Create it in your imagination, that you live from it, and your hearts in it, it hacks the old beliefs as you stay true to your NEW imagined life. Let it be your little secret from any naysayer. Just remember to think from it not of it. Have that inner smile on your face through your day and you are well on your way to manifesting that GOOD LIFE!!

~ Namaste'

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