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SPMI therapy

Structural Physiology & Movement Integration





SPMI therapy is a nationally recognized form of bodywork that falls under the medical massage umbrella and uses movement to help unlock and create space in the body.

  • It is described as a structural integration technique that originated in China and has evolved to become what it is today. It looks at the body as a whole and focuses on the interconnections of aligning the body, tendons, ligaments, muscles and the bones by gently adjusting their position while the lymphatic system drains and neurological re-education occurs.  

  • We break up calcification and scar tissue that has built up over the years and untwist the ligaments and tendons allowing bones to fall into place. This in turn allows the body to gain a greater range of motion.  Releasing pressure and reducing scar tissue around organs assists the overall function of the physiological system (Your Body). 


This Modality is a form of manual therapy that is ideal for addressing a wide variety of soft tissue injuries, both acute and chronic.  It is both very comfortable to receive and very effective for pain relief and restoration of function.​ By using these techniques we get you feeling younger, moving better and feeling lighter so you can do more of the things you love with ease.

Desirae Lovell   (808) 320.0623

VB Shoulder and Lung

VB Shoulder and Lung

Everything is connected! Our lungs and esophagus sit in the thoracic cavity by working through and around the ribs and spine we create space for the underlying organs to function properly. These techniques used have help many breathe better from covid to asthma.. Do you like breathing well?

VB Rotator Cuff

VB Rotator Cuff

One of the most common shoulder injuries from sports is rotator cuff issues whether you surf or rock climb. By using SPMI techniques we help put the muscles, ligaments and tendons back on track so they can heal properly. We reduce calcification, especially around older injuries this includes whiplash due to the fact the the neck and shoulders are connected. All of this in turn, is helping with full rotator function and Range of Motion! YAY!

VB Knee

VB Knee

Working with the knees: decompression, realignment and decreasing calcification around the joints helps us move better! Who doesn't want their knees to feel and work good?

VB Legs

VB Legs

Quadriceps, Hamstrings, IT Bands, knees and calves. We all use our legs, I know I prefer it when my legs are function well. Using movement techniques to unlock the body is a wonderful gift. When we unlock any system in all directions we create the space for proper circulation to occur which helps the function of those areas. In this instance we work the whole leg, from the Glutes to the feet!!!

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