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We facilitate a way of Healing the body and mind using powerful cutting-edge techniques! 





  Structural Physiology and Movement Integration is an incredibly efficient way to help heal your body. SPMI Tecniques by Body Evolve is a unique modality that incorporates looking at the body as a whole. It is an active form of bodywork that takes you to a new level of rejuvenation. Breaking up scar tissue and calcification in the body helps you gain a greater range of motion. Manipulation of the ligaments and tendon around the bones helps to put your body in alignment, therefore, allowing for correct movement and function.




   Looking to discover and enhance the possibilities of a mindful life? Check out Spirit Coaching, this can help you scientifically grasp and manifest your true inner strength. I am assisting those who want to take responsibility for their lives. You connect to Spirit and heal yourself and in turn create and live the life you want, it's always greater than what you think you want. Can we love ourselves more, all parts of self? We are more than a body. Does the mind, when used correctly tell the body to do something and it complies or is your body telling your mind. Who or what is Conscious, body or mind?



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Body Evolve Therapist >


I became a body evolve therapist because I wanted to be able to help people who need it. Its the most effective type of body work I have received and given. I've been around the healing arts my whole life and as other modalities have their benefits, to me this was the most helpful and effective. I have studied for 4 years and am continuing my education in the advanced coarse. I have been able to help so many people and am excited to bring my practice to Southern Utah. This body work helped me with my injury and much more!


Desirae Lovell

Spirit Coach RScP >


I've been interested in how consciousness works for two and a half decades, studying avenues from quantum physics to  eastern philosophies, and ancient civilizations. I’m especially interested in the Universal Laws like how the Law of Cause and Effect plays out through our lives and The Law of One. My questions are, what is MIND and what is Consciousness? What am I aware of? What do I do with my emotions? Is life real or is it an illusion? Can I change it if I don’t like what I’m experiencing? Who am I? What am I? Can we love all parts of self?  Does the mind, when used correctly tell the body to do something and it complies? Can we change realities? What are habits? Who is running this show anyway?

Now I’m ready to assist others finally take a more loving approach and responsibility for their lives. You are 100% Spirit and you can heal your forgotten inner, lost to your conscious mind, real authentic Self. I found a way that is powerful and profound.  

I’m an elevator for people’s lives, a  transducer of unhappiness to joy over time. I am a civilization upgrader, a revealer of good news. This amazing year of 2020 is for your greatest vision of you. All of life has your back and I can guide you deeper into that realization. What are you waiting for?

Stephanie Starrett
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